Research Support & Development program

The Quebec-Maritimes Node (QMN) wants to act as a catalyst for its members, and support their research for projects that are in accordance with the Node’s objectives and priorities. We have established a working group structure as an integration mechanism to favor the engagement of researchers and knowledge users with various perspectives into new and existing projects, and to facilitate the access to expert resource persons in the field.

The existing working groups are focusing on 4 major themes
To join an existing working group or to propose ad hoc projects, members are encouraged to take advantage of the CRISM-QMN Research Support & Development program.

Step 1: Concept Development

The members of the Quebec-Maritimes Node, either researchers or knowledge users, who are seeking to implement the preliminary steps of an interventional research protocol are invited to submit a letter of intent to the Node Steering Committee.

To develop a project concept sheet that is in line with the Node’s objectives and priorities, you will beneficiate from scientific and core support, and have access to an experienced team with strong methodological expertise.

The goal of the concept development phase is to prepare and build the foundation of a solid and competitive funding application. In a project-specific manner and conditionally to the approval of your request by the Steering Committee, some funding (up to $3 000 CAD) might be available in Step 1.

Step 2: Project Development

Researchers who already have a research protocol that was well evaluated in competition without receiving funding may submit a letter of intent to access the Step 2 of the program. In Step 2, appropriate resources will be offered to overcome the weaknesses identified by previous reviewers and strengthen the protocol before resubmitting in another grant competition. In Step 2, as deemed necessary by the Steering Committee, a non-renewable lump sum of up to $15 000 might be available on a project need basis.

For more information on the Quebec-Maritimes Node research priorities or on the Research Support & Development program, please contact Aïssata Sako.